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Belarus Headlines

Belarus Votes in Local Election. On Sunday, 25 of April, Belarusian voters went to the polls to elect members of local councils. Although 21,303 seats on local councils were contested, there were only an estimated 365 opposition candidates competing against the progovernment candidates. Dozens of opposition candidates withdrew from the elections after claiming that the authorities were obstructing their campaigns. Altogether, 25,035 candidates were registered to campaign. According to the information from the Central Election Commission (CEC), as many as 79,1 % of voters took part in the election. The CEC chairperson, Lidziya Yarmoshyna, commenting on such high turnout at the polling stations, said that the European electorate had much to learn from the Belarusian voters. The final results of the vote will be published on 30 April. According to the preliminary results, about 30 % of the ballots were cast during the early voting period and at least three candidates from the unregistered Christian Democratic Party and three candidates from the Belarusian Party of United Leftists ‘Just World’ (the former Belarusian Communist Party) were elected to the local councils. Болей...

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